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Sector Resources: Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current COVID-19 situation is putting additional pressures on many housing providers. As the situation continues to evolve, HSC is continuing to support the sector in any way we can. Below, we have compiled resources shared by housing providers and sector organizations and we will continue to update the page as more become available. If […]... Read More

Introducing HSC’s New Chair: NEWS RELEASE

Bill Bradica, Chief Administrative Officer of the District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board, has been selected to be the next Board Chair of a provincial organization that delivers services to affordable housing providers. The Housing Services Corporation (HSC) helps affordable housing providers by offering services that help control energy costs; manage fire and […]... Read More

Managing Directors & Officers Risk: Learning Materials

Serving in a leadership role at a housing provider, as a Board Director or an Officer of the corporation, is an important undertaking. By agreeing to be a Director or Officer, one assumes a number of responsibilities for the behaviour and actions of the corporation you represent. However, some Directors and Officers (D&Os) are unaware […]... Read More

End of Operating Agreements and the Benefits of Energy Management

What is EOA? The end of operating agreements or “EOA” marks the end of the federal funding that has previously flowed through the province to Service Managers. EOA involves the end of operating agreements, mortgages, and debentures for all housing providers administered by Service Managers, and funding for housing providers will have to be paid […]... Read More

Developing an Energy Management Plan

Housing providers are facing increasing utility costs as rates increase and support programs such as the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit expire. One sure way to tackle high utility costs is to lower consumption. To achieve cost-effective and long-term results, housing providers can benefit from taking a strategic approach that includes an Energy Management Plan. What’s […]... Read More

Mimico Co-op’s Integrated Approach Succeeds in $aving

Mimico Co-op is seeing positive results after engaging members and taking advantage of HSC and utility incentive programs in 2014. Last year, the 172-unit co-op participated in several energy conservation programs to: Monitor building energy performance over time and compare results to other buildings in Ontario’s social housing sector; Identify opportunities for increased energy efficiency […]... Read More

Optimize Your Building for the Heating Season

Last winter’s record-setting temperatures took many of us by surprise. While we’re still early in the heating season, it’s a good time to take steps to prepare your building for the coming cold. Good preparation can help reduce your energy costs and ensure the safety and comfort of your residents. Get started with these tips: […]... Read More

New Resources to Support Contingency Planning

Contingency plans are an integral part of every organization’s overall risk management strategy. An emergency plan does not have to be complex; in many cases a simple plan is sufficient. A basic but well-designed plan will help your staff better manage vital tasks in difficult times, accelerate and organize your response, reduce damage and create […]... Read More

Measuring Matters: Building Data and Effective Energy Management

On November 21 2013, more than 70 housing professionals from across Ontario joined us at our new energy forum, Measuring Matters: Building Data and Effective Energy Management. Held for participants in the HSC Gas Program and our Utility Management Program pilot for multi-residential buildings, the conference program focused on practical ways of reducing energy consumption. […]... Read More


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