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About the Utility Management Program


At nearly $500 million per year, utility costs are one of the biggest operational expenses for Ontario’s social housing sector. These costs are forecasted to rise even further in the coming years. As a result, many social housing providers are looking for ways to reduce their consumption. HSC’s Utility Management Program (UMP) enables housing providers take control of their utility costs by:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the utility expenses of multi-residential buildings over time with personalized quarterly reports
  • Offering expert analysis on energy and utility consumption as well as tips and best practices
  • Comparing individual building’s performance to that of other, comparable buildings from our Ontario-wide database and offering benchmarking highlights
  • Sharing information on relevant incentive programs as well as support services to reduce utility consumption

With the Province’s Large Building Energy & Water Benchmarking (EWRB) regulation coming into force in 2019, providers with buildings greater than 50,000 square feet need to develop their reporting plans now. UMP can also help housing providers meet EWRB requirements and identify emissions reduction projects.

How it works

UMP diagram

UMP Quarterly Reports – Key Features and Benefits

  • View energy and water performance in a single, integrated report
  • Benchmark building performance against other buildings in your portfolio and comparable buildings in our Ontario-wide database
  • Quickly identify underperforming buildings, uncover and prioritize savings opportunities
  • Identify inconsistencies or anomalies in utility usage
  • Measure savings from utility conservation projects
  • Motivate and engage residents/staff with local conservation goals
  • Be better positioned to take advantage of time-limited utility incentive programs and funding opportunities and maximize their impact on your portfolio’s performance

Supporting Services

  • Report analysis from UMP experts: When you get your quarterly report, you have access to UMP’s team of experts free of charge. They’re available via teleconference to brief your organization on your report, apprise you of relevant energy incentive programs, answer questions and share best practices and emerging trends based on their work with UMP participants from across the province.
  • Project prioritization, procurement and management:  HSC’s Technical Services team has a wealth of experience in renewable energy, mechanical and electrical projects — having delivered projects that include solar installations, energy and water conservation retrofits, building envelope rehabilitation, and HVAC system upgrades. They can help mobilize your projects based on your available resources and integration with your capital plan, assist in bulk procurement of energy-saving fixtures and services and can even manage the delivery of your project. [read more about HSC Technical Services]
  • Resident/staff engagement program at no upfront cost: Conserving water and energy in social housing takes more than just operational or technical measures. That’s because residents exercise considerable control over your building’s utility consumption and your staff’s maintenance and operational decisions can affect your building’s performance. HSC’s award-winning Community Champions Program works to educate and engage residents and staff on improving consumption behaviours and patterns – and can lead to energy savings of more than 10%. Combined with the powerful utility reports and benchmarking data received through UMP, housing providers can take a targeted approach to engaging and educating staff and residents on utility consumption behaviours that save money and help support community spirit on a long term basis by working together to support a better environment. [read more about the Community Champion Program]


Join the other social housing buildings in Ontario already using UMP and start measuring, managing and saving today for as little as $25 per month! Contact us today!

The Utility Management Program was made possible through the financial support of the Ontario Power Authority’s Conservation Fund. Additional financial support is provided from Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.



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