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Stay protected from liability when you rent out your common room.

Common Room Insurance for Events

Renting out your common rooms to tenants or community groups for one-time events like parties or meetings  is a great way to bolster community spirit in your buildings, but it can put your organization (or the event hosts) at risk if anything goes wrong. You may be liable for injuries, damage, or deaths that could occur as a result of events in your common room. This can result in increased insurance premiums for your organization and legal costs.

HSC Insurance’s Common Room Insurance helps you protect yourself from liability during one off special events and ensures that party hosts are protected as well.

Available exclusively to members of HSC Group Insurance Program, housing providers can require Common Room Insurance when you rent out your common rooms. The party or event host will then be covered for the duration of their special event, and you’ll be protected too.

  • Tenants or non-tenants hosting events are insured against lawsuits arising from the event
  • Housing providers are automatically added as an additional insured. This means that even if a lawsuit is filed, your building insurance coverage and record won’t be affected

Rates (tax included)

Rates start at just $32 an event (includes $2,000,000 coverage and $500 deductible):

Number of Attendees No Alcohol With Alcohol
1 – 25 $32 $113
26 – 100 $59 $194
101 – 250 $113 $248
251 – 500 $167 $302

Note: Premium is 100% non-refundable, even if the event is cancelled or changed.

How to Apply

    1. Download and photocopy our fillable electronic form
    2. When a tenant or community group requests a room, have them fill in the application form with credit card information and fax it to the attention of HSC Insurance, or mail the completed form and payment to:
      HSC Insurance
      30 Duncan Street, Suite 501
      Toronto, ON M5V 2C3
      Fax: 416.360.3711

HSC Insurance will send both you and your tenant a Certificate of Insurance showing that the coverage has been purchased.

Note: The form should be submitted three weeks prior to the date of the event. The certificate will be processed once the payment is cleared.



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