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Managing Risky Business: Q2/2013 Special Update


New Insurance Broker for HSC Group Insurance – FAQs

Marsh Canada Limited is a member of Marsh and McLennan Companies, an international risk and insurances firm. As of May 1, they will be taking over responsibility from Aon for insurance broker services for the HSC Group Insurance Program. If you have any questions about Marsh Canada or the program please contact Rachel Magee (, 416-360-0761 ext. 215) or myself.

Why have you changed insurance brokers from Aon to Marsh Canada?
We issued an RFP for the broker services several months ago in order to make sure we were getting the best service for everyone in the group program. Marsh Canada were successful for a number of reasons, including:

  • Expertise
  • Sufficient resources to handle the day-to-day needs of housing providers
  • Familiarity with our sector
  • Implementation of a tailored risk management program


What do I need to do?
For most clients, the answer is nothing.

Clients who have purchased Excess Property and/or Liability and ancillary coverages from Aon outside the core HSC program have been sent a letter outlining the process for appointing Marsh Canada as their broker for these coverages. If you have excess coverages and haven’t received a letter, or have questions about the letter, please give us a call.

How do I report claims to Marsh Canada?
If you need to make a new claim simply continue to report to ClaimsPro as you have previously. If you have any questions about claims you have in progress you may contact Rachel Magee (, 416-360-0761 ext. 215) or myself (, 416-594-9325 ext. 314).

How do I contact Marsh Canada?
The team at HSC and SoHo Insurance is always available to answer any questions you have ( but if you need to get in touch with Marsh Canada, they provide service in both English and French:


Toll Free Telephone: 1-888-768-9887
Toll Free Fax: 1-888-336-6629


Mail / Courier: Marsh Canada Limited
70 University Avenue
Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2M4


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Recent Claims Affecting HSC Insurance Program Participants

While disasters aren’t pleasant to talk about, they can help us get new insights into risk management and lend perspective to the human and economic cost of claims. Here are just some of the stories on incidents at participant sites reported in the news:

On behalf of HSC, I would like to thank the providers, their staff and our adjusters who go above and beyond the call of duty responding to these events.


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2012/13 Claims Funds: Status Update

Stream A providers (insured values of up to $100M) had a rough year to date with a total of 43 claims from 39 providers since November 2012, adding in Q2 19 claims that cost approximately $515K. The $4M Claims Fund is now 88% depleted, meaning that in all probability the insurer will be called upon to pay claims.

Stream B providers (insured values over $100M) have had a better year so far with only 20% of their $5M claims fund being committed to manage claims.  This comprises of 14 claims from 7 providers, adding in Q2 7 claims that cost approximately $770K.


You can find more about the Claims Fund by calling HSC’s Director of Insurance Services, Brian Laur, at 1.866.268.4451 ext.314.


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New Training on Mould: Why It Makes Sense

As the graph below indicates, the cost of fire repairs has increased steadily since the HSC group program was launched. In 2003, fire losses for provides averaged $23K. Today, they average $123K.




Increases in repair costs lead to increases in insurance costs. The program claims adjusters have reported that addressing mould issues arising from insured claims is a large factor in the increase. In some cases, the mould may be pre-existing from past minor water events and could be posing health risks to your staff and residents. To assist providers managing mould, HSC created a half-day workshop on mould awareness and prevention. We are offering this workshop on the same day as one on asbestos removal, another hazardous material that many providers contend with. Participants can choose to take one or both workshops.

Registration is now available for the next session in Sudbury on May 9 and we will be scheduling another session in Ottawa in the Fall. Providers and/or Service Managers can partner with HSC to have the training delivered on their doorstep. For details, visit


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In Support of Mandatory Tenant Insurance

At the ONPHA regional sessions, providers expressed a lot of interest in the SoHo Tenant Insurance program. Increasing numbers of providers and Service Managers now recognize that one method to improve the overall risk profile of their social housing portfolios (and to protect residents when disasters occur) is to promote the use of tenant insurance. A recent decision by the Landlord Tenant Board supported a Chatham-Kent landlord in enforcing mandatory tenant insurance. The tenant disputing an eviction notice was ordered by the Landlord Tenant Board to provide proof of insurance by a certain date. This is an encouraging precedent for others in the sector. If you would like to see a copy of the decision or have questions about making tenant insurance mandatory in your buildings, please email me at


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Quick Updates

New Insurer for SoHo Tenant Insurance Means Program Now Available for Supportive Housing residents – Effective June 1, the insurance underwriter for SoHo’s Tenant Insurance will move from Chartis to the Cooperators. Existing policyholders won’t see any changes:  telephone numbers and claims will be handled the same as before. Premiums will remain the same – having held at the same price since 2008. However, the move to Cooperators means that residents of supportive housing and shared accommodation (excluding rooming houses) will now be eligible for the program.

Home & Auto Insurance with SoHo and the Cooperators – If you work in the social housing sector, you can take advantage of a special group rate and coverages for home and auto insurance from the Cooperators. Simply identify the Social Housing Services Corporation (HSC’s former full name) as your Group name when you call 1-800-387-1963 or visit for a quote.


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SoHo/HSC Offices Have Moved – SoHo and HSC new addresses are as follows:

SoHo Insurance
30 Duncan Street, Suite 501
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2C3
Housing Services Corporation (HSC)
30 Duncan Street, Suite 500
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2C3


Our phone and fax numbers will remain the same. To ensure timely service, please update your records.


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