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Since 2008, HSC has delivered the Community Champions program to over 80 communities across Ontario.

Community Champions Program

HSC’s Community Champions Program supports the development of healthy, sustainable communities within Ontario’s social housing sector by educating, engaging and supporting staff and residents in conservation activities.

Participants receive valuable training on the benefits of energy conservation and community engagement. Training sessions address a variety of opportunities, including reducing energy and water consumption and minimizing waste.

 UMP_logo_small The Community Champions Program is fully integrated with HSC’s Utility Management Program (UMP), which tracks building energy performance. Using UMP reports, Community Champions can see the gas, electricity and water use of their building each quarter and the results of their conservation efforts. The reports also help residents set goals and focus their activities.

Program Benefits for Champions – Residents and Building Staff

  •  Receive valuable training and energy conservation expertise that can help lower utility bills and contribute to overall building savings
  • Gain important skills, such as: leadership, organizational skills, event planning and project management, which are transferrable to other community programs and/or employment opportunities
  • Strengthened community relationships and sense of belonging
  • Receive ongoing support from HSC on community engagement and utility conservation


Program Benefits for Building Providers and Communities

  • Vision, commitment and environmental awareness are demonstrated to residents
  • Utility savings from retrofits are further realized when combined with residents’ conservation practices
  • Lower operational costs through utility bill savings can be reinvested into building improvements
  • Conservation measures can improve lighting and Heating, Ventilation and A/C (HVAC) issues, thereby increasing tenant health, safety and comfort

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Get More Information on the Community Champions Program

Want to learn more about the Community Champions Program and how it can benefit your community? Download our brochure or contact Jennifer McMahon at or 416-594-9325 x 324.


*Studies by Abrahamse et al (2005), Kok et al (2009), Gardner/Stern (2009) and the Volkswohnung project in Karlsruhe


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