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HSC Group Insurance Program Members save 15% off the regular cost of registration on most HSC training workshops


Participants in the Group Insurance program have access to essential core coverages with flexible deductibles.  All offerings have been tailored to meet social housing provider needs.


For details on coverages, view our 2016/17 HSC Insurance Program Guidelines

Core Coverage


  • Property (buildings, contents, rental income and extra expense)
  • Boiler and machinery (also known as equipment breakdown insurance)
  • Commercial General Liability (limit $2M)
  • Umbrella Liability (Tops up liability insurance to $5M limit)
  • Comprehensive Crime
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability (including employment practices and liability and punitive damage coverage)


Optional Coverage

You may choose to opt for additional optional coverages and limits, depending on your individual business requirements.


Abuse Insurance: Protects against liability due to physical abuse/neglect, emotional abuse, sexual abuse/harassment or exploitation.


Accident Coverage for Board Members and Volunteers: Coverage for accidental death and dismemberment


Automobile Insurance: Basic and optional coverage for vehicle loss or damage and third-party liability coverage.


Builders’ Risk Insurance: Covers construction, renovation, installation, repair, scaffolding, hoarding, excavation, landscaping and site problems that are beyond the scope of the Builders’ Risk Insurance already included in your core coverage up to $1 million. If your renovation or new construction project will go over $1 million, you may wish to purchase this additional coverage.


Cyber Fraud Insurance: Provides liability coverage arising from the operation and maintenance of your website.


Excess Property and Excess Liability Insurance: Provides coverage in excess of the primary property or umbrella liability limits described in the underlying insurance limits of coverage.


Miscellaneous Errors and Omissions: Covers the activities of nurses, social workers, family counselors, massage therapists and physiotherapists.


Property Managers’ Errors and Omissions: Covers property management services that are performed for another housing provider for a fee.


Storage Tank Third Party Liability and Clean up: Protects owners and/or operators of aboveground and underground storage tank systems against claims should the tanks cause environmental contamination. Also pays for the cleanup of your own property.


Well Water Coverage: The Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002 imposes strict requirements on providers to test and treat tenants’ water. Well water liability coverage protects you against claims made by a third party as a result of inadequate testing, whether it is done by you or by a company you hire.


Special Optional Coverage

 User Group Insurance for Common Rooms

Protects tenants or non-tenants hosting one-time events from lawsuits arising from the event. This coverage also protects the housing provider against liability in such instances because you are automatically added as an additional insured to the policy. As a result, even if a lawsuit is filed, your insurance coverage and record won’t be affected.

  • Rates start at just $27 per event for $2,000,000 coverage
  • Available for holiday parties, religious functions, wedding receptions, bingo nights, dinners, dances, baby showers, movie nights, bridal showers, workshops, birthday parties, and other onetime events

How it Works

  1. Download the application form.
  2. When a tenant or community group requests a room, have them fill in the application form with credit card information and fax, mail or email a scanned copy to HSC Insurance.
    Note: the form should be submitted three weeks prior to the date of your event. The certificate will be processed once the payment is cleared.
  3. SoHo Insurance will send both you and your tenant a Certificate of Insurance showing that the coverage has been purchased.


Tenant Insurance

Visit the HSC Tenant Insurance Program website for information on the program.  Tenants can apply by phone or online.

Contact us directly to discuss any of your risk management or insurance needs or questions


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