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HSC Tenant Insurance Premiums Are Changing

Renewal premiums are changing for the HSC Tenant Insurance Program. The change applies to residents with new and renewing policies. The increase will come into effect February 1, 2020. For most residents, the increase will be less than $2/month. HSC’s program still remains the lowest cost option in the marketplace, despite the current hard insurance […]... Read More

Introducing HSC’s New Chair: NEWS RELEASE

Bill Bradica, Chief Administrative Officer of the District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board, has been selected to be the next Board Chair of a provincial organization that delivers services to affordable housing providers. The Housing Services Corporation (HSC) helps affordable housing providers by offering services that help control energy costs; manage fire and […]... Read More

Managing Directors & Officers Risk: Learning Materials

Serving in a leadership role at a housing provider, as a Board Director or an Officer of the corporation, is an important undertaking. By agreeing to be a Director or Officer, one assumes a number of responsibilities for the behaviour and actions of the corporation you represent. However, some Directors and Officers (D&Os) are unaware […]... Read More

Deep Energy Efficiency: Passive House in the Affordable Housing Sector

Salus Clementine Passive House (Photo: Ottawa Salus Corporation)   The 2016 HSC Energy Forum will feature an exciting Passive House case study. Lisa Ker, Executive Director of Ottawa Salus Corporation, will share the story of Clementine, the first Passive House multi-residential affordable housing project in Canada. The Salus Clementine project is a 42-unit, 4-storey apartment […]... Read More

Social Housing Improvement Program – How HSC Can Help

In the 2016 Federal Budget, the Government of Canada established the Social Infrastructure Fund (SIF). SIF features a Social Housing Improvement Program (SHIP) for social housing renovations and retrofits. SHIP-eligible projects include: Major retrofits or renovations: Old or obsolete building or site components Major building systems and services Kitchens and bathrooms Safety equipment and systems […]... Read More

Operations & Maintenance for Efficient Buildings

Tackling energy and water consumption in your buildings isn’t only about retrofits or equipment upgrades. One area where you can have big impacts on your utility costs is in your operations and maintenance practices. By improving your O&M, you can reduce wasted energy, save time and money, decrease tenant disruption, and avoid early equipment replacement […]... Read More

End of Operating Agreements and the Benefits of Energy Management

What is EOA? The end of operating agreements or “EOA” marks the end of the federal funding that has previously flowed through the province to Service Managers. EOA involves the end of operating agreements, mortgages, and debentures for all housing providers administered by Service Managers, and funding for housing providers will have to be paid […]... Read More

Developing an Energy Management Plan

Housing providers are facing increasing utility costs as rates increase and support programs such as the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit expire. One sure way to tackle high utility costs is to lower consumption. To achieve cost-effective and long-term results, housing providers can benefit from taking a strategic approach that includes an Energy Management Plan. What’s […]... Read More

2015 Energy Forum: Presentations, Pictures and More

Thank you to all attendees! On October 27, 2015, over 100 housing professionals from across the Ontario social housing sector participated in the 2015 HSC Energy Forum at the Toronto Sheraton Centre. The event provided an opportunity for housing executives, property managers, utilities and municipal representatives and housing provider staff in the areas of maintenance, […]... Read More

Mimico Co-op’s Integrated Approach Succeeds in $aving

Mimico Co-op is seeing positive results after engaging members and taking advantage of HSC and utility incentive programs in 2014. Last year, the 172-unit co-op participated in several energy conservation programs to: Monitor building energy performance over time and compare results to other buildings in Ontario’s social housing sector; Identify opportunities for increased energy efficiency […]... Read More

2014 Energy Forum: Presentations, Pictures and More!

Wednesday, October 29, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Marriott Hotel Bloor-Yonge, Toronto Session Presentations: Session 1: Successes in Energy Conservation Session 2: Maximizing Performance through Measurement Session 3: Changes Afoot: Utility Incentives for 2015-2020 Session 4: Building-wide Improvements: Identify, Plan, & Save Session 5: Pushing the Limits: Creative Financing in a Funding-strapped Age Thank you […]... Read More

Optimize Your Building for the Heating Season

Last winter’s record-setting temperatures took many of us by surprise. While we’re still early in the heating season, it’s a good time to take steps to prepare your building for the coming cold. Good preparation can help reduce your energy costs and ensure the safety and comfort of your residents. Get started with these tips: […]... Read More

New Resources to Support Contingency Planning

Contingency plans are an integral part of every organization’s overall risk management strategy. An emergency plan does not have to be complex; in many cases a simple plan is sufficient. A basic but well-designed plan will help your staff better manage vital tasks in difficult times, accelerate and organize your response, reduce damage and create […]... Read More

CEO Announcement on SHSC Financial

Today, HSC announced that we are broadening the investment base of SHSC Financial Inc. (FI) through expanding its ownership. HSC created FI in 2002 to administer the Social Housing Investment Program, an investment program that is currently utilized by many Ontario housing providers. As a result of the new ownership model, FI products and services [&he... Read More

FI Ownership Expansion: Questions & Answers

On July 28, 2014 HSC announced the broadening of the investment base of SHSC Financial Inc. (FI) through expanding its ownership. Click here to view the: media release and CEO Announcement. HSC created FI in 2002 to administer the Social Housing Investment Program, an investment program that is currently utilized by many Ontario housing providers. [&he... Read More

Airtightness: Critical to Building Performance

The building envelope performs the essential function of controlling the movement of air through your building. The airtightness of your building envelope has a significant impact on your building’s energy efficiency. In fact, as much as 30% to 50% of a building’s heat can be lost due to air leakage through cracks, gaps, and poor […]... Read More

Energy Saving Tips for Staff and Residents

Consider implementing some or all of these every day activities and reduce energy consumption from 1%-10%. Wash clothes in cold water Use full washing machine Use full dishwasher Take showers instead of baths Switch lights off when not in the room or not really needed Reduce appliance use Unplug or turn off power bar for […]... Read More

Make-Up Air Units: An Important Component in Achieving Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency, resident comfort and utility costs all largely depend on the age, quality and maintenance of your heating and ventilation equipment. One of the most important and perhaps least understood components of this equipment is the make-up air system (MUA). Functions of a Building MUA The MUA is an essential part of a building’s […]... Read More

Measuring Matters: Building Data and Effective Energy Management

On November 21 2013, more than 70 housing professionals from across Ontario joined us at our new energy forum, Measuring Matters: Building Data and Effective Energy Management. Held for participants in the HSC Gas Program and our Utility Management Program pilot for multi-residential buildings, the conference program focused on practical ways of reducing energy consumption. […]... Read More

Achieving Maximum Retrofit Savings in Multi-Family Buildings

Recent research from the University of Toronto and the City of New York suggests that energy intensive buildings may be able to see reductions in energy use of up to 10% by simply adjusting controls, sensors and schedules for mechanical equipment. This research also confirmed that retrofits with the highest energy savings impact are those […]... Read More

Identifying Good Retrofit Candidates

The Step-by-Step Retrofit Process: Multifamily Retrofit Toolkit  offers helpful, high-level criteria to identify good candidates for building retrofits: Building is older than 10 years Owner pays all bills Building has high energy and/or water intensity High utility cost High maintenance/repairs costs for HVAC equipment Inefficient heating or cooling systems, appliances, lighting, or water fixtures (older […]... Read More

HSC Forms New Board Advisory Committee of Service Managers

To meet changing sector needs, HSC’s priority in 2012 has been to seek feedback from our clients and stakeholders on how we fulfill our mandate in the future. Our goal: to be locally relevant, partnership-focused, responsive and flexible.   Throughout the year we have organized consultations to take stock of the programs we’ve delivered over […]... Read More

New HSC Insurance Director Emphasizes Customer Service for Restructured Group Program

HSC is excited to announce the appointment of Brian Laur as the new Director of Insurance Services. Brian comes to his new role with a wealth of experience in not only insurance and risk management, but also direct experience and insight into the complex issues and challenges faced by providers in managing risk. Before coming […]... Read More

Hoarding: A Mounting Issue

  As mentioned in the Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst: Developing a Risk Management Plan article regarding risk management, hoarding is one of the fastest growing risks in social housing. Tenants who accumulate goods and materials in their living space can pose a serious danger to not only themselves and other tenants, but you […]... Read More


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