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New Resources to Support Contingency Planning

Posted on August 27, 2014 by IT Admin

Contingency plans are an integral part of every organization’s overall risk management strategy.

An emergency plan does not have to be complex; in many cases a simple plan is sufficient. A basic but well-designed plan will help your staff better manage vital tasks in difficult times, accelerate and organize your response, reduce damage and create a more resilient social housing community.

To support Ontario social housing providers in effective risk management, HSC has partnered with Marsh Canada to develop a Contingency Plan Template and Planning Guide. Our goal is to provide a document that will help you to develop your own plan reflecting your unique community and local resources to enable you to respond to incidents with the best interests of your tenants as top of mind.

HSC can deliver a facilitated sessions where we work with providers in filling out the contingency plan template.  For more details on this service, contact us.

Contingency plan guide This Contingency Planning Guide is designed to help Housing Providers and Property Managers develop a
Contingency Plan to prepare for and manage adverse incidents to limit the negative impact of disasters on
tenants and their business. It guides Housing Providers through the task of developing their own Contingency Plan.
This guide will also outline specific areas where awareness and preparedness initiatives could be employed to
promote a state of readiness amongst tenants prior to the occurrence of an adverse incident.
Contingency workbook The Contingency Plan Procedures and Details Workbook offers workflows, procedures and templates to assist providers in developing their own customized plans.




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