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Mimico Co-op’s Integrated Approach Succeeds in $aving

Posted on July 2, 2015 by HSC


Mimico Co-op is seeing positive results after engaging members and taking advantage of HSC and utility incentive programs in 2014. Last year, the 172-unit co-op participated in several energy conservation programs to:

  • Monitor building energy performance over time and compare results to other buildings in Ontario’s social housing sector;
  • Identify opportunities for increased energy efficiency through an ASHRAE Level II energy audit;
  • Upgrade equipment with support from Enbridge Gas Distribution and Toronto Hydro incentive programs; and
  • Engage members to take positive actions and reduce waste, energy consumption

A long-time Utility Management Program (UMP) participant, Mimico is able to track its energy performance over time see if their actions are having an impact, while also seeing how the building stands up against others in the sector.

In 2014, Mimico was able to participate in HSC’s Audits to Action (A2A) pilot. Enbridge funded the A2A pilot. The City of Toronto facilitated introductions to a group of housing providers. HSC then helped this group identify, fund and implement conservation measures. As part of the pilot, Mimico obtained an energy audit that outlined low-cost to high-cost measures to improve gas, electricity, and water efficiency. The board then used this information to determine what measures they would implement in 2014 as they moved from “audit” to “action.” Mimico opted for two major “actions”:


Action Electricity Savings (kWh) Natural Gas Savings (m3)
Install a VFD on an existing make-up air unit 21,187 33,791
Upgrade to LED lighting 27,955
TOTAL 49,142 33,791


That translates to nearly $13,000 in estimated first year cost savings!

Mimico also opted to participate in HSC’s Community Champion program as part of its measures. The Co-Op wanted to address waste management, so it invited HSC to lead a Waste Awareness Workshop last September. During the workshop, staff and a group of members worked together to create an Action Plan to promote green behaviours in their community. They put their plan into action later in the fall by holding a Community Clean Up & Corn Roast and a Halloween Waste Awareness Campaign.

In just three months, Mimico has:

  • Reduced the volume of waste generated by over 7% compared to the previous quarter, resulting in the lowest volume of waste produced in over 2 years; and
  • Saved over $450 on waste bills in only one quarter.


By focusing on both the physical and human factors impacting utility consumption, Mimico is demonstrating the value of an integrated approach to energy and waste management.

Mimico Co-op’s participation in the 2014 Audits to Action program and Community Champion Program was supported through funding from Enbridge Gas Distribution.

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