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Measuring Matters: Building Data and Effective Energy Management

Posted on December 11, 2013 by HSC

On November 21 2013, more than 70 housing professionals from across Ontario joined us at our new energy forum, Measuring Matters: Building Data and Effective Energy Management. Held for participants in the HSC Gas Program and our Utility Management Program pilot for multi-residential buildings, the conference program focused on practical ways of reducing energy consumption.

The event was a huge success. Mason Cavell, from Community Housing Partners in the United States, brought us tips on making the case for integrating energy benchmarking into all areas of a provider’s operations – bringing to bear expertise from an organization that’s been doing it successfully for more than 30 years.  Mason’s presentation demonstrated just how much can be achieved with an organization-wide commitment to benchmarking and conservation. You can download Mason’s keynote presentation here.

Mason also took part in our resident engagement panel, along with Emily Martyn, HSC’s Community Animation Lead, exploring how to develop a long-term culture of energy use reduction and sustainability with the whole community on board. Click here to download the presentation from Emily Martyn. Download Mason Cavell’s resident engagement presentation here.

We also launched our Energy Dashboard, the new format for our custom energy reports. We believe these reports will be of enormous value to our housing sector partners. Download Driving the Dashboard, the presentation from HSC’s Energy/Conservation Manager Cheryl Shour.

Moderator Christine MacDonald (Bruce County Housing Corporation) along with presenters Dan Dicaire (Ottawa Community Housing) and Barb Fawcett (Haliburton Community Housing) and attendees in the audience traded insights in a lively discussion on overcoming challenges to achieving energy savings.

We also had a great provider-based panel focused on retrofit and new build projects that take advantage of energy saving innovations, featuring Arthur Ash (Wellington County), Peter Balcaso (Peel) and Sean Botham (CityHousing Hamilton), and moderated by Tarina Anthony (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation).

Thank you to everyone who took part in this conversation.

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