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1,500 landlords utilize HSC programs province-wide

How We Work

HSC is an independent non-profit corporation that receives no regular funding from the Province and does not levy municipalities for participation in its programs or services. We sustain ourselves through the effective management of our core programs, new business lines and partnerships with other organizations.

All surplus revenues are reinvested with the goal of reducing costs for housing landlords and to improve the self-sufficiency and capacity of Ontario’s affordable housing sector and its residents.

HSC is able to achieve positive social outcomes by reinvesting in the housing sector through its revenue generating activities.

Our Approach:

HSC recognizes that the governance, administration, legal obligations and tenancy of social housing buildings are different from private or other publicly operated facilities. We also understand the unique business challenges social housing landlords face in operating buildings that serve community needs. Clients that work with HSC benefit from:

  • Services specially designed to address social housing business needs
  • Hands-on support from people with deep functional business and social housing expertise
  • Province-wide scope and knowledge that allows us to address problems no one else can and to meet individual as well as sector-wide business gaps
  • Practical solutions that stem from our commitment to our clients and the community goals we seek to achieve together

Procurement Policy:
HSC is committed to open, fair and transparent procurement processes. In keeping with provincial and municipal best practices, HSC’s procurement policies require that:

  • Contracts valued between $15,000 and $24,999 utilize an invitational competitive process that requires a minimum of three quotes
  • Contracts valued at $25,000 or more must use an open competitive process.
  • Open competitive procurements of $25,000 or more are advertised by HSC on its website and on electronic tendering systems, such as Bonfire
  • HSC employees managing procurements and contracts do not receive benefits of any kind, directly or indirectly, from any vendor. Vendors must not have any conflict of interest that may give them an unfair advantage in bidding on HSC contracts

Expense & Remuneration Disclosure:

As part of its provincially mandated reporting requirements, HSC reports on the remuneration and reimbursed expenses of board members, officers as well as those of its top five paid employees.

[Visit our expense and remuneration disclosure webpage]


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