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The HSC Job Board collects jobs from all over the housing sector. You can sort through jobs by dated posted or by job title.

HSC Risk Management Forum

October 26, 2016

HSC will be hosting its first ever, Risk Management Forum on October 26 at the Holiday Inn Toronto-Yorkdale, 3450 Dufferin St, Toronto.


2016 Energy Forum

October 27, 2016

HSC’s fourth Energy Forum is scheduled for October 27 at the Holiday Inn Toronto-Yorkdale, 3450 Dufferin St, Toronto.

This year’s forum will offer building-level solutions to improve your utility consumption and will introduce strategies for anticipating broader impacts such as climate change and rising utility prices on your operations.


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Latest Research

For the latest research from HSC and the housing sector, visit the SHARE website

Independent Review of HSC

Since 2013, HSC has made a number of changes to improve efficiencies, accountability and transparency. In 2015, Weiler & Company Chartered Accountants was selected by the Ontario government through a competitive process to review the changes we’ve made. The 2015 Weiler report included a number of recommendations pertaining to HSC, its wholly-owned subsidiaries and its investments in partially owned entities. As part of our action plan to implement or respond to the recommendations, we committed to inviting a third party back in 2016 to carry out a second review and verify the actions taken.

In late 2015, the government ran a competitive tender and Weiler & Company was selected once again to complete the follow-up review. Their full report is available here. We’re pleased this review confirms the progress we’ve made and our renewed focus on fiscal responsibility and client service. Our priority is to ensure our clients have confidence in the programs and services we provide. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us.

Download the 2015 review.

Download the 2016 review.


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